Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

Production year: 2012

Music/Documentary    Running time: 1:29

IMDB rating:   8.1     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: DD 5.1

When doctors diagnosed 19-year-old rock star Jason Becker with Lou Gehrig's Disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), they said he would never make music again and wouldn't live to see his 25th birthday. Twenty-two years later, without the ability to move or to speak, Jason is still alive and making music. With the help of modern technology, Jason uses his eyes to communicate and compose symphonies. Even though he has been robbed of his fingers and his speech, his brilliant mind never stops shredding! Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet tells the incredible story of a guitar legend who refuses to give up on being a musician despite the most incredible odds. It is the true story of dreams and the strength of the human spirit. Full of never-before-seen photos and footage, this universal and inspiring film is a testament to Jason's perseverance and love of life.


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Special features

Extended Interviews With Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, And Joe Satriani
Over 30 Minutes Of Archival Jason Becker Performances
What Is ALS?
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet