Paco De Lucia "Light And Shade"

Production year: 1995

Music Concerts/Videos    Running time: 1:00

IMDB rating:   7.0     Aspect: 4:3;  Languages: English, Spanish, German, Dutch;  Subtitles: French, Japanese;  Audio: DD 2.0

Light And Shade is a well-made British documentary from 1993 about the great Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia. The documentary/interview (available in Spanish, English and French ) is a good introductory look at his family history, musical career and outlook on flamenco culture (and of life as a whole). Paco is well known in flamenco circles as a wise and thoughtful man, and thankfully, his sense of humor is seen in places. The documentary starts out with Paco's (nearly) complete performance of his virtuosic composition "La Barrosa". For those not familiar with the flamenco guitar, the DVD features of freeze frame and slow motion will allow a close-up view of what many musician's consider the world's most advanced guitar technique.


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Paco De Lucia "Light And Shade"