Rush "Chronicles"

Production year: 2001

Music/Documentary    Running time: 1:03

IMDB rating:   8.3     Aspect: 4:3;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: DD Stereo

Prog-rock's dominant power trio gets a worthy showcase in this DVD compilation, repeating the 1990 VHS release with minor variations and some pleasant surprises. Chronicles is aptly titled, as the videos follow Rush's 30-year evolution in fashion, performance, and visual representation. Loyalists may wish for a lengthier selection, but with remastered Dolby 2-channel stereo, this 63-minute disc clearly improves upon the VHS release. The in-studio performance of "Tom Sawyer" is new (previous versions were from the Exit, Stage Left concert video), and although hidden bonus videos of "The Enemy Within" and "Afterimage" are inaccurately listed as "previously unreleased" (they appeared on the 1985 compilation Through the Camera Eye), their inclusion here is welcome (and accessible by selecting the "Rush Chronicles" logo on the DVD's "Play Videos" menu). Also, Aimee Mann makes a playful appearance on "Time Stand Still." Recommended to Rush purists only, but on those terms, this is essential viewing.


Rush "Chronicles"