Cinderella Man

Production year: 2005

Drama PG-13   Running time: 2:25

IMDB rating:   8.0     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: English, French;  Subtitles: English, French, Spanish;  Audio: DD 5.1

Cinderella Man is a wholesome slice of old-fashioned Americana, offering welcomed relief from the shallowness of many summer blockbusters. In dramatizing the legendary Depression-era comeback of impoverished boxer Jim Braddock, director Ron Howard benefits from another superb collaboration with his A Beautiful Mind star Russell Crowe, whose portrayal of Braddock is simultaneously warm, noble, and tenacious without resorting to even the slightest hint of sentimental melodrama. The desperate struggle of the Depression is more keenly felt here than it was in Seabiscuit, and Howard shows its economic impact in ways that strengthen the bonds between Braddock, his supportive wife (RenÈe Zellweger) and three young children, and his loyal manager (Paul Giamatti); all are forced to make sacrifices leading up to Braddock's title bout against heavyweight champion Max Baer (Craig Bierko) in one of greatest boxing matches in the history of the sport. Boasting the finest production design, cinematography and editing that Hollywood can offer, this is a feel-good film that never begs for your affection; it's just good, classical American filmmaking, brimming with qualities of decency and fortitude that have grown all too rare in the big-studio mainstream.



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Special features

Feature Commentary with Director Ron Howard
Feature Commentary with Writer Akiva Goldsman
Feature Commentary with Writer Cliff Hollingsworth
Deleted Scenes with Commentary by Director Ron Howard
Ringside Seats (The filmmakers give a blow-by-blow commentary on the original Baer-Braddock fight)
The Man, The Movie, The Legend: A Filmmaking Journey (Director Ron Howard and actor Russell Crowe discuss the intricate process of transforming Russell Crowe into Jim Braddock)
Jim Braddock: The Friends & Family Behind the Legend (Braddock's greatest fans comment on the man and the myth behind this American hero)
The Fight Card: Casting 'Cinderella Man' (Uncover the process that resulted in one of the finest all-star casts)
For the Record: A History in Boxing (Go back in boxing history with legendary trainer Angelo Dundee)
Cinderella Man Gallery Presented by Kodak
Cinderella Man