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Guardians Of The Galaxy

From Marvel, the studio that brought you Marvel's Iron Man, Marvel's Thor, Marvel's Captain America and Marvel's The Avengers, comes an unlikely new team - the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Marvel Cinematic Universe expands into the cosmos when brash space adventurer Peter Quill steals a mysterious, all-powerful orb. Chased by relentless enemies, he forms an uneasy alliance with a ragtag band of misfits, leading to a desperate battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

Things We Lost in the Fire

"Dad, what does 'fluorescent' mean?" asks a winsome young Dory of his doting dad, played by David Duchovny. Pondering a moment, dad answers, "It means, 'lit from within." "So Dad, am I fluorescent?'" "Yes, Dory, you are." The touching, brief moment telegraphs the bond Duchovny's character, Brian, has with his family, including wife Audrey (Halle Berry) and daughter Harper (Alexis Llewellyn), and the love that radiates through and around him. When tragedy strikes early in the film, Berry and the children must acknowledge, and somehow heal, the hole left in their lives.

Sin City

The two-disc edition of Sin City easily makes the earlier single-disc theatrical-cut release obsolete by including the regular theatrical cut on the first disc, recutting the movie into four extended segments on the second disc (separated by story line), then piling on an impressive load of bonus features. But there's a catch.

The Usual Suspects

Winner of two 1995 Academy Awards, including Best Original Screenplay, this masterful, atmospheric film noir enraptured audiences with its complex and riveting storyline, gritty, tour-de-force performances (including an Oscar-winning turn by Kevin Spacey) and a climax that is truly deserving of the word stunning. This "thoroughly engrossing film" (HBO) is so "gripping and diabolically clever" (The Wall Street Journal) that it becomes "a maze you'll be happy to get lost in" (Los Angeles Times)! Held in an L.A.


A high-ranking judge with a vendetta against drugs learns his own daughter is a cocaine addict - a San Diego housewife must suddenly take over her husband's drug dealing business when he is arrested - a Mexican police officer struggles to do the right thing in the midst of corruption. Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Benicio Del Toro star in Steven Soderbergh's amazing intertwined stories of the failing war on drugs.

Swimming With Sharks

Kevin Spacey stars as Buddy Ackerman, a corporate cutthroat who reigns over an entry level job anyone would kill for. The catch is, Buddy is the "Boss from Hell." Ask poor Guy (Frank Whaley), Buddy's personal assistant, who is eager to climb the corporate ladder. On his first day, Guy quickly learns that no opportunity this promising comes without a cost. He soon finds himself ducking everything from insults to paperweights as he tries to satisfy Buddy's needs. But when those "needs" involve Guy's girlfriend, he snaps.

21 Grams

Sean Penn and Benecio Del Toro, two of the most gripping actors around, play wildly different men linked through a grieving woman (Naomi Watts, Mulholland Drive, The Ring) in 21 Grams. Del Toro (Traffic, The Usual Suspects) delves deep into the role of an ex-con turned born-again Christian, a deeply conflicted man struggling to set right a terrible accident, even at the expense of his family. Penn (Mystic River, Dead Man Walking) captures a cynical, philandering professor in dire need of a heart transplant, which he gets from the death of Watts' husband.

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