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Martin: The Complete Fifth Season

Wazzup, everyone?!? It's sad, but it's true - the final season of Martin is here. But hold up, there are still tons of laughs to be had before Martin (Bad Boys, Wild Hogs) and the gang head off into the sunset. New jobs, wacky romances, haunted houses, fancy cruises, identical cousins are just a few of the problems Martin, Gina, Tommy, Cole and Pam will face before the end comes! It's a hysterical sendoff to one of the most outrageous comedies in history!

Martin: The Complete Fourth Season

Hold up, wait a minute! The honeymoon's over but the laugh's still wit' it as Martin returns for hilarious fourth season! Martin (Wild Hogs, Big Momma's House) and Gina have exchanged vows and are ready to start their new life together, but the craziness just keeps on coming for our happy couple and their friends, Tommy, Pam and Cole! Sheneneh, Mama Payne, Jerome, they're all on-hand for the wildest, wackiest and wazzupiest season of Martin yet!

Martin: The Complete Third Season

Heeeey! Comic superstar Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys, Wild Hogs) proves three's a charm in the hilarious third season of this classic comedy. Martin's in the house - and in the WZUP studio - driving girlfriend Gina nuts and entertaining buddies Tommy and Cole with his outrageous antics. All your favorite players including Sheneneh, Jerome and Mama Payne are back in action and hysterical as ever. If you don't already know wazzup with Martin...then you so crazy!

Martin: The Complete Second Season

Wazzup?!? Superstar Martin Lawrence (Open Season, Big Momma's House) is back in 27 uproarious episodes from the hilarious second season of his classic show! Whether he's stepping into the boxing ring, delivering a baby or running amok in Hollywood, Martin never ceases to amaze and amuse. With his long-suffering girlfriend Gina and core crew of Tommy, Cole and Pam by his side, as well as an outrageous group of oddballs: back-sassing Sheneneh, clueless Jerome and wise-cracking Mama Payne, Martin proves that a second helping is even better than the first!

Martin: The Complete First Season

Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys, Big Momma's House) plays Martin Payne, a brash radio personality who always speaks his mind, often to the frustration of Gina (Tisha Campbell), his feisty but eternally forgiving girlfriend. His buddies Tommy and Cole are always on hand to lend support especially when Martin locks horns with Gina's loud-mouthed co-worker, Pam. Then, of course, there's Martin's overprotective mother, Mama Payne, his sassy-tongued next door neighbor Sheneneh Jenkins, and the overbearing player, Jerome, all performed by Lawrence himself.

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