Jeremy Piven


Two For The Money

Academy Award winner Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey star in this adrenaline-charged drama about the sexy, high-stakes world of sports betting, where fortunes can be made and lost with the flip of a coin. When Brandon Lang (McConaughey) becomes the protÈgÈ of sports gambling's power player, Walter Abrams (Pacino), he swiftly becomes the golden boy of the high-rolling world for consistently picking football winners. Now, with millions on the line, he finds himself in a deadly game of con-versus-con with his new mentor.

The Family Man

Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage) is the quintessential Wall Street shark, scoring killer deals by day and shallow escort sex by night. His round-the-clock routine of empty luxuries is disturbed one lonely Christmas Eve when a gun-packing punk (Don Cheadle)--perhaps an angel of mercy--responds to an altruistic gesture from Jack by giving him "a glimpse" of the life he could have had.

Mr. Selfridge: Season Four

Beginning in 1928. Lady Mae eturns to London, and Harry gets himself into financial difficulty again with hasty promotional decisions. Grove celebrates his 20 years with Selfridge’s. Family dynamics and relationship are played up in episode two and a highlight of the third is an affair of a significant person. As can be expected, in the typical Selfridge fashion, the store has its ups and downs with more sub-plots and relationship issues than the store has departments. Outsiders get involved, as does Harry, not his first unwise fling.

Mr. Selfridge: Season Two

Much has changed since Selfridge's first opened its doors. Five years later, Europe is on the brink of war and London is enjoying one last defiant period of decadence. Having rocked the retail world with his pioneering new store, Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) now has his sights set on rebuilding his family life. Tensions are also running high on the shop floor as Agnes is back from Paris and Henri Leclair has mysteriously returned from America.

Mr. Selfridge: Season Three

It's 1919, World War I has just ended, and Harry Selfridge, like many Londoners, is struggling with loss. The death of his beloved Rose has left the flamboyant entrepreneur all alone and he is making costly business mistakes. His empire is weakened, leaving him vulnerable to his old enemy Lord Loxley. Despite heartbreak and sorrow all around, the world goes on, and season three sees new characters breathe life back into the famous department store. Harry's gorgeous daughters are all grown up and causing trouble, and there's an intriguing new love interest to distract the mourning hero.

Mr. Selfridge: Season One

Created by Emmy Award-winning writer Andrew Davies (Pride And Prejudice, Bleak House), Mr. Selfridge brings to life the story of American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, the colorful and visionary founder of Selfridge's, London's lavish department store. Pioneering and reckless, with an almost manic energy, Harry Selfridge created a theater of retail for early 1900s Londoners where any topic or trend that was new, exciting, entertaining - or sometimes just eccentric - was showcased.

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