The Seattle Pilots: Short Flight Into History

This film traces the history of major league baseball's one year team, the Seattle Pilots, who after their lone season of 1969 were moved to Milwaukee and became the Brewers. Through interviews with players, front office staff and Pilots historians we get a glimpse into the close-knit and hysterical world of the Pilots, a team already made famous by Jim Bouton's highly influential and controversial book 'Ball Four'. Mr. Bouton and a dozen other payers give their recollections, share their stories and give us a hint as to why the Pilots are still so beloved after all this time.

NFL Films Super Bowl XLVII Champions

Believe it, Baltimore, your Ravens are once again Super Bowl Champions! With their 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, the Ravens put an exclamation point at the end of Ray Lewis' Hall Of Fame career, and rode the talents of Lewis, quarterback Joe Flacco, tailback Ray Rice and a host of others to the second World Championship in franchise history. After capturing the AFC North title for the third straight year, the Ravens topped the Colts and stunned the Broncos and Patriots on their home turf before knocking off the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

NFL Films Super Bowl XLIX Champions

After a decade of waiting, the New England Patriots are the World Champions of professional football once again. The Patriots conducted a dominating 2014 Season with the franchise s fourth Vince Lombardi Trophy. After winning their sixth straight AFC East Title, New England came back twice to defeat Baltimore before dominating Andrew Luck and the Colts for the AFC Championship. New England then traveled to Glendale, Arizona and dethroned the Seattle Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLIX.

NFL Films Super Bowl LI Champions

Winning never gets old; it just gets better and better and better. For the fifth time in franchise history, The New England Patriots are Super Bowl Champions - capping off a triumphant 2016 season with an unforgettable 34-28 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Relive the excitement of the 2016 new England Patriots in this thrilling Blu-ray combo pack. NFL Film takes you through each game, from opening night in Phoenix, through a 14-win regular season, culminating in the greatest comeback in Sup[e Bowl history.

NFL Films Super Bowl XLVIII Champions

The Legion of Boom. The record-setting roar. The retired number 12. Seattle Seahawks fans and players know how to be heard and the 2013 Seahawks let their actions speak even louder than their words with their first world championship in franchise history. The path was not an easy one. Seattle had to survive three showdowns with the divisional rival San Francisco 49ers, two battles with the high-flying Saints offensive and, in Super Bowl XLVIII, the offensive machine that was the Denver Broncos to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

NFL Films Super Bowl XLIII Champions

On February 1, 2009, the Pittsburgh Steelers became the first franchise in NFL history to win their sixth Super Bowl. The title was the Steelers second in four seasons and their first under second-year head coach Mike Tomlin. For the first time, the story of the Super Bowl Champions is presented in Blu-ray. Pittsburgh Steelers: World Champions brings you breathtaking action, 5.1 surround audio, and includes Blu-ray exclusive extra content, replaying the 4th quarter of the network broadcast from Pittsburgh's epic comeback against Dallas in week 14.

The WHA Chronicles

For seven savage seasons in the 70s, the original World Hockey Association barnstormed through North America with a brand of firewagon shinny not seen before or since. Played by a mix of colorful characters and legends both current and future, the WHA provided its hard core fans, with some of the most entertaining hockey ever played. Video Service Corp.

NFL Films Super Bowl XLVI Champions

In early December 2011, the New York Giants were in deep trouble, staggered by a four-game losing streak that wiped out a 6-2 start and threatened to keep them out of postseason play. But a decisive win over the Cowboys earned the Giants a division crown on the final day of the season. Once in the playoffs, Big Blue took down the Falcons, Packers and 49ers to reach the Super Bowl for the second time under head coach Tom Coughlin. And in that rematch of Super Bowl XLII, the results were the same: Another Giant victory over the AFC's top-seeded New England Patriots.


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