24: Season 7

Production year: 2009

TV/American TV-14   Running time: 17:30

IMDB rating:   8.4     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: English, French, Spanish;  Audio: DD 5.1

Four years have passed, CTU has been disbanded and a defiant Jack Bauer has been hauled before a Senate subcommittee to answer for his crimes. But the hearing will have to wait, because the FBI needs his help to prevent one of the most dangerous terrorist plots ever attempted on U.S. soil, and in a first for the series, Washington D.C. is the primary target. Teamed with the fiercely by-the-book Renee Walker, and stunned by the news that his old fallen comrade Tony Almeida is not only alive but working with the enemy. Bauer is in for another harrowing day chockfull of the adrenaline-fueled suspense, breakneck action and intricate storytelling that has made the series an international sensation. Hang on tight - 24 Season 7 is a thrill ride without the safety bar.


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Audio Commentary On Selected Episodes
The Fimucite Festival Presents: The Music of 24
The Making Of Season 7 Featurette
Hour 19: The Ambush Featurette
24: Season 7