30 Rock: Season 5

Production year: 2010

TV/American TV-14   Running time: 8:09

IMDB rating:   8.2     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: English, Spanish;  Audio: DD 5.1

Laugh all over again with the complete fifth season of Tina Fey's Primetime Emmy®, SAG and Golden Globe®Award-winning comedy 30 Rock. Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Award winners Fey and Alec Baldwin star as TV writer Liz Lemon and NBC executive Jack Donaghy, who together oversee the chaotic world surrounding a sketch comedy show. Supplying them with an endless onslaught of insanity are neurotic stars Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) as well as deathless NBC page Kenneth Parcell (Jack McBrayer). Brought to you by the folds at KableTown, it's a season packed with video obituaries, long grifts, Canadian births, tarmac violence, gas-leak hallucinations, accidental marriages, fake pregnancies, gentleman's intermissions, reality show tirades, wool mascots, and Druid Solstice miracles. In shots, it's verrry wool. The merriment continues behind the scenes with loads of exclusive content in addition to all 22 episodes of the acclaimed fifth season of 30 Rock from executive producer Lorne Michaels (The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour).


Audio commentary
Deleted/extended scenes

Special features

Audio Commentary by Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Jack McBrayer, Jon Hamm, Will Forte, Val Kilmer, Aaron Sorkin, Judah Friedlander, John Lutz, Directors Don Scardino and Beth McCarthy-Miller, Producer/Composer Jeff Richmond
Behind The Scenes of the Live Show
West Coast Version of the Live Show
Jack Donaghy, Executive Superhero Animated Shorts
Jenna's Obituary Song
30 Rock: Season 5