3rd Rock From The Sun: The Complete Season Six

Production year: 2001

TV/American TV-G   Running time: 7:12

IMDB rating:   7.8     Aspect: 4:3;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: English;  Audio: DD Stereo

Discover the unforgettable final season! Join Dick and the rest of his crew as they conclude their Earth mission with more laughs and hilarious human encounters. The final season of 3rd Rock from the Sun includes Tommy's journey to college, Sally's new profession as a weather girl, Harry hangs with the Amish and The Big Giant Head issues a shocking final order you don't want to miss! Join the star studded cast of John Lithgow, Kristen Johnson, French Stewart, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jane Curtin, Simbi Khali, Elmarie Wendel and Wayne Knight - along with such guest stars as Megan Mullally, John Cleese, Richard Belzer, Darrell Hammond, Tracy Morgan, Ana Gasteyer, Elaine Stritch and Elvis Costello as they leave their unforgettable legacy of superior comedy!


Gag Reel/Bloopers/Outtakes

Special features

Season 6 Bloopers
Previews For Every Episode
2 Final Episode Introductions By French Stewart
Final Epidode Alternate Ending
3rd Rock From The Sun: The Complete Season Six