The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Two, The War Years

Production year: 1992

TV/American TV-PG   Running time: 12:06

IMDB rating:   7.3     Aspect: 4:3;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: English;  Audio: DD Stereo

This second set in a three-volume series includes more than 13 hours of special features that explore the history behind the adventures of one of cinema's greatest heroes: Indiana Jones. Go on spectacular journeys with young Indy as he travels through Europe, Africa, and Asia and comes face to face with Vladimir Lenin, Charles de Gaulle, The Red Baron, and other fascinating characters during the turbulent years of World War I. Then dig deeper into the incredible historical figures and events with the more then two dozen captivating, in-depth documentaries included in this all-new DVD set. Experience the power and the magic of history when you and your family explore exclusive featured, including an interactive timeline and game that make the past come to life! Enjoy the fun and excitement of The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones.



Special features

More Than Two-Dozen Captivating, In-Depth Documentaries
Exclusive Features, Including an Interactive Timeline and Game That Make the Past Come to Life!
The Adventures Of Young Indiana Jones: Volume Two, The War Years