The Last Detective: Series 2

Production year: 2004

TV/British TV-PG   Running time: 4:36

IMDB rating:   7.9     Aspect: Wide;  Languages: English;  Subtitles: None;  Audio: Stereo

As disrespected, disheveled, and endearingly dedicated as ever, Detective Constable "Dangerous" Davies (Peter Davison, Doctor Who, All Creatures Great And Small) returns to solve four new, full length mysteries. His wife left him, his coworkers sarcastically dubbed him "Dangerous," and his boss called him "last detective" expected to crack a big case. He even listens to advice from his kooky chum Mod (Sean Hughes, The Commitments). Still, Davies manages to make connections that slicker chaps in the North London constabulary miss. Whether investigating the mysterious deaths of a world be artist, a medical researchers, an unknown victim under a high speed train, or a petty Kosovan refugee, he shows that underdogs do have their day.


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The Last Detective: Series 2